We Had Two Birthdays Last Month

I've been a bit lazy about taking pictures lately ... and apparently I also tend to blog much less frequently without the benefit of pictures.

So ...

I'm going to bring back a modified "picture of the day". Here's the trick ... while I'll try to take more pictures, the ones I post here won't necessarily be new. If I have a day where I left my camera at home, I can simply dip into the 10,000+ images that are currently sitting on my little hard-drive.

Today's pictures are actually from last month (see, told ya I've been lazy).

We had two birthdays in August. I took pictures at both events. But for some reason, I just never got around to processing and posting them ... until now ;-)


This first one is the cake that I got Ana for her birthday celebration. It's not polite to tell a woman's age, but I bet you can probably figure it out ;-) Ana has alway been a big Tinkerbell fan ... which as I've stated before is probably appropriate since I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up :-D

Then, about 2 weeks later ...

Jaiden was only turning two (although I honestly can't remember what life was like before she came), so we didn't have a big party. But, we did get a cake, and invite a few of the neighbors over to sing Happy Birthday and eat ice cream. It's pretty cool that this is the first year she's at an age where she somewhat understood what's going on! lol, not sure who was more excited though; Jaiden or Mommy. :-)

More pictures coming soon.

Keep havin FuN!



  1. Happy Birthday to all!


  2. Happy belated birthday to Ana and Jaiden. Wishing you two many, many happy returns!!! :)



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