My First Custom Facebook Fan Page

I've made facebook fan pages before, but never really did anything with them. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I was a bit intimidated by FBML (facebook markup language). And now that I've made my first custom designed landing page, I'm more even more ashamed that it took me so long.

If you know basic HTML, you can easily use the Static FBML tab on your facebook fan site to make a unique landing page.

Here's a screen shot of the page that I made:

Or, if you want to see the page "in person", just follow this link:
Plain Black Hoodie on Facebook

... and while you're there, if you feel the desire to click the "LIKE" button, I'd be most appreciative. ;-)

I built this fan page to support one of my niche blogs Plain Black Hoodie ... which btw, is a pretty good example of relatively simple, and low traffic website, that actually makes pretty good money. This new facebook page, and a new twitter account is part of my strategy to increase the traffic, (and hopefully with it the profits).

But anyhow, I digress ...

Look for another post in the next day or two, with a basic tutorial on how you too can make a custom facebook landing page. (I would write it tonight, but I have a poker tournament starting in like 3 minutes). Seriously though, there are people charging literally hundreds of dollars to teach people how to make facebook fan pages ... I'm here to tell you, if you any type of web design experience/knowledge, you don't need to spend that sort of cash. It's honestly not that hard.

So ...

Check back soon, for the fan page tutorial ... and while I'm at it, I might even write up a simple niche blog tutorial (and how monetize it with ebay partner network).

On that note, I have to run (cards are being dealt). Hope you have a great weekend!



  1. Hey Todd. It looks pretty good mate. How long did it take to put together?

    Looking forward to that tutorial. Who knows it may even inspire me to do one of my own. ;)

    Hope you were lucky with your poker tour. Have you ever met Mitch on one of those? I know he likes to dabble in poker.

  2. Hey great job and great post!

    I have been really into FBML for awhile now and I love all the things it can do. I found an amazing place for all things FBML and facebook marketing in general. - truly the best resource out there (with its dictionary of every FBML code, 24/7 Q&A) according to me. Let me know if you get and help from it!


  3. I had absolutely NO idea that you could do this! What in the world...I used to do it all during my Myspace days but this looks awesome! Thanks for showing me... I know I must be so behind.

  4. Thanks Sire ... I got the tutorial post started the other night ... hopefully I'll have time this evening to finish it up ... a lot depends on whether or not I have my 3 month old daughter on my lap while I'm writing ;-)

  5. whoooah thats great and I already see the fanpage and like it. I was amaze before I think before that is impossible but you prove it that it is possible. Now I have and idea to create also a customized funpage. Big thanks for imparting it. Cheers


  6. Seem your custom facebook fan page look nice.

  7. That is very cool custom fan page. I need to make some of these for my pages soon they look boring right now.

  8. I wasn't aware you could create a customized welcome page in Facebook. Maybe I'll just do this and see what happens to the amount of fans that subscribe to my page weekly.

  9. Do you happen to know how to make a custom page using IFrames, now that facebook is doing away with FBML?


  10. Hi Nathan ... actually, yes I do know of an easy way to use iframes .. unfortunately I think I took it off the page it was on. I'll have to poke around a bit to remember where I found it. Will try to reply again later.

  11. Hey, that was quick ... I found it!

    The easiest way to make a custom page using iFrames is with this app:

    You'll still need to know some html/css, and you'll still need to have a place to host your own images .. but it does make the whole process much easier .. and being able to create different tabs for visitors and fans; without having to mess with installing scripts, is a really great feature.


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