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How To Make A Custom Facebook Welcome Page

Ok, so you want to make a Free custom landing page for your Facebook fan site, huh? Well, here are a few prerequisites: You know at least a little bit of basic HTML/CSS You have access to some sort of image editing program (ie photoshop) You have your own webhosting account, or other place from which you can link to images You're a somewhat creative person with a bit of extra time on his/her hands Even if that description above doesn't sound like you, all is not lost. There are some pretty cool Facebook page builders starting to pop up. Something like looks like it's probably a great solution for most people ... I was actually going to use it build my page ... but then I remembered that I'm way more adventurous than that! :-D So for any brave souls who didn't click the pagemodo link, and are still reading this ... Here are some step by step directions for how I built my first custom facebook fan page Go into the "edit" section of

My First Custom Facebook Fan Page

I've made facebook fan pages before, but never really did anything with them. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I was a bit intimidated by FBML (facebook markup language). And now that I've made my first custom designed landing page, I'm more even more ashamed that it took me so long. If you know basic HTML, you can easily use the Static FBML tab on your facebook fan site to make a unique landing page. Here's a screen shot of the page that I made: Or, if you want to see the page "in person", just follow this link: Plain Black Hoodie on Facebook ... and while you're there, if you feel the desire to click the "LIKE" button, I'd be most appreciative. ;-) I built this fan page to support one of my niche blogs Plain Black Hoodie ... which btw, is a pretty good example of relatively simple, and low traffic website, that actually makes pretty good money. This new facebook page, and a new twitter account is part of my strategy to incre