The Over Tired Toddler


It seems almost counter-intuitive, but Jaiden is always much harder to put to bed at night when she did NOT get her nap during the day. And I have good evidence that it's not just her, as all of my other kids were the exact same way. In fact, I'm not sure there's a more difficult person in the world to deal with than an over-tired toddler ... ok, maybe ex-wives; but that's a whole separate blog post. ;-)

Jaiden hasn't quite gotten to this stage yet, but one of my "favorite" things I remember my other two girls doing when it was bed time, and they were too tired, is the blubbered words that just don't match the scene ...

Cry along with me: "IIIII'mmm Nnnnoootttt Ttttiiirrreed" ... while rubbing their little red eyes, and trying to keep them open.

My current toddler is still just at the point where she rips all the sheets off her bed, and throws her baby dolls (and most of the rest of her toys) over the gate at her door, before finally giving in and falling to sleep ... usually either on the floor, or sometimes even sitting up on her little couch.

Now, when she's not over-tired, it's a completely different story ... and almost as funny ... I really need to get a video one night; but for now a description will have to do.

When it's time for bed, we tell "nigh-night" to literally everybody.

Imagine ...

"nigh-night mommy"
"nigh-night baby"
"nigh-night doggy"
"nigh-night tv"
"nigh-night juice"
"nigh-night chair"

etc., etc.,

Except when I get her up to her room and ask if she's got a "nigh-night" for daddy?

No matter how good a mood she's been in up til this point, I invariably get a "no" in answer to this question, and usually a "talk to the hand" when I try to lean over to give her a kiss.

It's all good though ... she'll appreciate me one of these days. :-D



  1. The other thing that always amazes me is how babies and toddlers can fall asleep in the noisiest environments. Like in the middle of a concert in the park ;-) Perhaps you should play some hard rock next time when it is time for nightie-night and she is not tired ;-) SY

  2. lol ... you raise a good point ... but it's actually even weirder than that sometimes ... the tv and music can be blasting, and they sleep right through it. But then when the music stops, let someone so much as sneeze and awake they are :-)

  3. Your daughter's cute. I provide respite care to a little girl and I always love it when she says Mom lets me stay up later. You know she's tired and yet she still tries to stay up late.

  4. You have some beautiful children, especially the baby. She's a real cutie. Enjoy her while she's little because they don't stay babies long. I can't believe you have one almost 18. Would this be Haley, the beautiful little girl? Take care and keep the blogs going! :)

  5. Hi Cille,

    Thanks for stopping by .. and for the kinds words ... this is actually Jaiden .. but don't worry, I've got so many kids that I often get their names confused myself :-D


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