Jasmine The Birthday Girl

180.365_jasmine_8_bday Tuesday was Jasmine's 8th birthday. We didn't have a huge party this year. It was pretty much just family, and a few of her friends.

The "non-party" started when I got from from work that afternoon. I'd stopped by the Anthony's Pizza over at the Fort Hood PX, and took advantage of their 3 large one-topping pizzas for $21 deal. (note: with our large family, this is our default for "eating out"). Earlier in the day, Ana had stopped by and picked up the cake from the wife of one of my co-workers. As you can see, it was a tinkerbell cake, and it came out looking (and tasting) really good. Due to some mis-communication the cake was slightly smaller than we'd expected, so in the end it was probably a good thing that we didn't invite 15 or 20 kids.

As for presents ...

Jas had a bit more of a "grown up" birthday this year. Todd got her a couple of books ... one of which, "Green Egss and Ham", she can actually read to her sister ... and mommy took her to the nail salon for a manicure/pedicure, from where Jas came home with painted and decorated finger and toe nails!

We also learned a good lesson about presents this year (that we really should have already known). We'd asked Jasmine several times what she wanted for her birthday, and never really gotten any solid leads. Well, on Monday, I'm talking to my son Justin, and he says "what are you getting for Jasmine tomorrow? .. it better be roller skates". Apparently she'd been telling Justin for weeks "roller skates is the only thing I want for my birthday".

lol ... so now we'll be looking for roller skates too I guess.

It's already worked out ok for her on the present front though, as my parents drove up from Florida to see the baby before she gets too big, and of course they brought more presents for Jas ...



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