Ironic T-Shirt Alert

Ok, so I picked this t-shirt up at Walmart the other day. It was on the sale rack, and when I got up to the cashier to get my items rung up, it turned out to only be $3 ... I'm quite the bargain hunter lately.

Even better than that, it matched the pair of light blue shorts that I also bought that day (even though I had no intentions of getting clothes when I walked though the Walmart entrance ... funny how often that happens).

Anyhow ...

All is good, until I'm sitting here at my computer today, reading my twitter stream, and seeking out interesting new people to follow on twitter.

Suddenly it hits me that there might be just a tab bit of irony in my choice of "uniform" for this particular activity. :-D

Happy Wednesday!



  1. I like the shirt. Sometimes twitter is a bit overdone...

  2. I want one!!

    Excuse me while I go hunting for one online :)

  3. I want that T shirt. Will you ship to Canada? lol

  4. lol ... ok, that's two people who want this shirt ... unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I got the last one at my walmart :-)

  5. Too bad. You could have made a killing. lol

  6. Twitter is fascinating, I admit to being fascinated by what inspiring or interesting people are up to on a day-to-day basis.

    Nobody care?

    MM, did yu see the story of UK millionaire Duncan Bannatyne (self confessed twitter adict) his wife left her evening gown on the train after travelling to London - David sends out a twitter to his followers and within 2 hours the dress was found and returned - so Mrs B got to go to the ball.

    Oh, and the guy who found it turned down the £2000 reward and donated it to charity - All through Twitter - awesome :o)

    Dave. (not Mr B)


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