Two Month Old Baby Flips Me The Bird

This seems to be a recurring theme for me. I take people's pictures, and they flip me the finger. The guys at work in Hawaii did this to me all the time. I did figured I'd have at least a few more years before my youngest daughter rebelled in this manner.

But no ... tonight as I'm going through the pictures I took earlier, what do I discover? My 7 week old daughter is flipping me the bird!

lol, it's all good though.

I'm sure this won't be the last time one of my kids demonstrates how the really feel about dad always pointing a camera in their direction. Usually, I just get "the look" ... or even with my other daughter Jordan, I have many pictures of her covering her face with her hands.

Joey obviously isn't quite capable of that yet ... so for now, I guess (hopefully inadvertent) hand gestures will have to do :-)

Fortunately, I also got a couple of "sweet" and normal pictures that we can show to grandma ...

In fact, this one where Joey even appears to be smiling, just about makes up for the rude fingers. Missed the focus just a little bit, but I suspect this one may end up getting printed and hung anyway.

This is pretty much the straight picture. Sitting up nicely, and looking off into the distance.

And finally, no set of small baby pictures would be complete without some finger eating.

Til next time ..



  1. She's such a cutie!

  2. Thank you much ... lol, not surprisingly I tend to agree with your assessment ;-)

  3. Actually Todd, I reckon she was giving you a bit of 'the look' when she flipped you the bird mate. :D

    I like taking photos of babies because they usually sit pretty still for you and don't bother to look away.

    She's one good looking baby mate, it's good to see your good at doing something right ;)

  4. Congrats Todd for that little cutie you got there. I myself have two kids, which where once babies and mind you have never got a "snap" of them flipping me the bird, lol. BTW, in that second pic, she appears to be preparing something with that left hand of hers, haha

  5. In the second picture Joey looks like she's about to give you a right hook!

  6. :-) I bet when grandma finds the picture with the third, she really won't be happy with what she's seeing. I like babies and taking pictures of them most especially every month of their infancy period. Every month is a precious moment because there are a lot of changes that are happening. Although I may not be able to put them into a scrapbook or something like that, at least I have them in photos.

  7. Really she is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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