The Last Banana

174.365_last_banana Jaiden loves bananas. Actually, come to think of it, just about everybody I know loves bananas. In fact, I bet if you were to take a survey bananas would probably be most people's "favorite" fruit ... in much the same way that corn tends to be people's default vegetable.

Like most folks, we usually eat bananas in the morning, chopped up over cereal, or at night with ice cream. lol, if I was smart I'd just eat them alone with nothing else ... but hey, I like ice cream. Jaiden actually does eat them pretty much by themselves. I put them in her cereal, but then she just picks through it, and takes out all the "a'nanas".

Ana and I sometimes get into a minor disagreement about just how ripe a banana should be. She wants to buy them, and sometimes even eat them, when they're still green. Whereas to me, that one you see up above, nice and yellow with some brown spots on the outside, is just about perfect.

One thing I can all but guarantee ... no matter how ripe it gets, if there's only one left, someone will end up eating that last banana. :-)



  1. Bananas with ice cream? That's a new one for me, hadn't heard of eating bananas with ice cream before. I just might have to try that one sometime, but we've been avoiding ice cream, cookies and all sorts of goodies lately.

    For some unknown reason, as of yet, eating bananas all by itself tends to cause stomachaches in both of us. If we eat a banana with something else, it's all good, no problems. Can't for the life of me figure out what that's all about. But we do love bananas too.

  2. Hi Lin,

    lol, yes bananas with ice cream ... as in a "banana split" :-D

    That is odd that they would give you a stomachache, I've never heard of that before. Hopefully the problems goes away ... and if not, there's always strawberries. ;-)

  3. I like banana, but still not my favorite fruit.. maybe because at my place we can get banana easily and a lot of type of banana. from "Raja", "Mas", "Lampung" etc. so it kind of boring if you see it everyday. :D

  4. When I was a kid, banana was one of my favorite fruits. But since we had bananas growing in our garden, it's like my "passion" for it has faded: we cook it when it's still green, we eat it ripe, we make cake, pie, jam... when there's too much, we share them with all of our friends and neighbors.


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