Playing With The Big Girls

176.365_big_girl_too The other evening, the girls convinced me to go sit with them at the little playground behind our house, so that Jaiden could come ... Jasmine is there pretty much every day.

Jaiden is really hitting her 2 year old "independent" streak at a full running pace ... especially when it comes to her big sister ... she thinks that anything Jasmine can do, she can do too.

Unfortunately, Jasmine is simultaneously hitting her 8 year old "mean big sister" streak. Right now it's about 50/50. 50% of the time, she's still a great kid, and an awesome big sister who's very helpful and kind to Jaiden. However, with increasing frequency, she's also the big sister who will alternately tease and/or ignore her younger sibling.

This image above at the park kind of illustrates the situation perfectly ...

Jasmine and Jaiden had been playing together nicely, then one of Jasmine's friends showed up. Suddenly, as far as Jas was concerned, Jaiden no longer existed. Problem is, nobody told Jaiden, and of course she just assumed that Jasmine's friend was her friend too. Jaiden makes it obvious that she wants to swing with the big girls ... but check out that "possessive" sort of look that Jas is eyeing her friend with.

lol, this could be an interesting next couple of years ... especially when you consider that at some point we'll be throwing yet another little girl (Joey) into the mix ... at which point, I fully expect that Jaiden will go through exactly the same stages with her, as Jas is going through now.

Ah, the joys of fatherhood. :-)


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