Empty Little Pool

175.365_empty_pool We downgraded pools in our backyard last week. It's not like the other one was huge or extravagant, but it did still require a bit of regular maintenance ... which in the end, turned out to be too much, in proportion to the amount of people who were NOT swimming in it.

I got in a couple of times with the girls, and we all frolicked around for an hour or so. But normally, if they had a choice, the girls had other preferences. Jaiden really likes to just play in the little plastic pool pictured above. And most of Jasmine's friends in the neighborhood have the same above ground pool that we did ... so she was always at someone else's house swimming anyway.

And really the final straw, for Ana anyway, is that we never could totally keep up with all the leaves, grass and especially bugs that ended up floating around in the pool every day. She just thought that was totally gross for the girls to be swimming in.

So, we drained it out, packed it up, and she sold it on craigslist.

Now mommy is happy because the girls can swim in nice fresh clean water every day, and the grass is enjoying the extra drink every evening too. And as for daddy ... I don't have to mess with chemicals, and silly little nets, trying to scoop up every little blade of grass that blew in when Justin mowed the day before ...

Summer actually just got a little better for me. :-)


  1. My parents have a larger pool that came with their home and the amount of work they put into it is really high considering how often it is actually used.


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