Talk About Having Your Head In The Clouds


14 May 2010

Today's picture is another one of those "accidentally cool" type of shots ...

And it's Not photoshopped !

There were some thunderstorms off in the distance, so Justin actually called me on the phone as he was walking to see if I wanted to get some pictures of the lightning. So I met him near the hill he was getting ready to walk down, and set up the camera and tripod.

I was shooting 25 second exposures, at F11. The shots were coming out ok, but the lightning was just too far away, and not frequent enough to get any good captures.

In the very last shot I took, Justin decided that he was going to head off to his friend's house, and walked in front of the camera before turning around to tell me when he'd be back.

He stood still for about 4-5 seconds ... which was apparently long enough to show up in the image.

So, even though it was totally not what I intended, I thought it ended up being a somewhat interesting shot.

The only other pictures I took today, were a couple of quick snaps of my girls as I was on my way out the door to meet Justin. Those actually came out pretty nice too ...

Jasmine and Jaiden being happy sisters (I'm gonna enjoy it while it lasts)
smile_sisters2_s smile_sisters_s


p.s. I was hoping to actually get some lighting shots tonight, but I just had a peek at the radar, and it looking like the storms are all falling apart as they move east into the relatively more stable airmass over us. It's ok though, the Storm Prediction Center has us in Slight Risk areas for severe the next two days as well ... so I might get my lightning pictures sometime this weekend.


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