Schofield High Dive

Today's Hawaii Picture of the Day is my daughter Jordan leaping off the 5 meter platform at the Schofield Barracks swimming pool.


There are several military pools on the Oahu that we frequent; Hickam, Pearl Harbor and the Hale Koa among them. But, since my step-kids go to see their dad in Wahiawa on the weekends, Schofield's pool is by far the most convenient for a Sunday afternoon. And with it being free for Active duty, and only a buck each for dependents, it's an extremely cost effective way to let the kids have their fun.

Jasmine and I spend most of our time hanging out at the kiddie pool, while Jordan took on the diving boards, and Johnathan hung out in the shallows with one of his friends from school (who also happened to be there). Schofield also has a big slide at the pool, but unfortunately it wasn't open today ... no biggie we had fun anyway.

And, the real purpose of our trip (so mom could have a day all to herself) worked out very well too ... she watched a movie and had a long nap ... all around, it was a pretty happy mother's day.


originally postes on in 2008


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