Riding My Bicycle To Work


For the next couple of months at least, I will be riding my bicycle (pictured above) back and forth to work every day. It's not a long trip, I measured it out in the Van the other day, and it came to 6.7 miles. There are however, a couple of pretty significant hills along the way. It should be "fun" the first week or two, until I get used to it.

After a couple of misfires in my search for an inexpensive used car, I finally just gave up and decided to go with the bike idea.

I've actually been considering doing something like this for quite a while now. But before I went to Iraq, I already had a car, so it wasn't as easy to justify going out and spending money on a decent bicycle too. Now, on the other hand, I am carless, and what I spent on the bike only comes to a month and a half or two months car payment + insurance anyway.

I plan to ride the bike at least until the fall when it starts to get cooler. I have two main motivations ...

  1. Extra Exercise - we already do military PT every day at work. But, I am getting older; plus I really enjoy food, so every lit bit of extra PT definitely helps.

  2. Saving Money - I figure even if I got a relatively cheap car, the payments + insurance + maintenance was probably going to cost me something north of $200 bucks a months. While I'm riding the bike, that amount will simply be diverted into "Todd's car fund". In addition, I have a sneaky suspicion that gas prices are going to get up over $3 a gallon again this summer (if not sooner). I have to ride right past a gas station every day on the route to work, so if I feel like complaining about the hills, seeing the price of gas should give me a little extra motivation.

I do plan to buy a car before the winter, but I hope to have a better plan by then. Hopefully I can sock enough away with what I'll be saving to put a better down payment on something a bit nicer. And then even more hopefully, our candle company actually has a car bonus, where they pay for a lease or car payment once you reach a certainly level. Who knows, maybe if I really have a kick butt summer selling candles I can get them to pay for it. ;-)

In any case, I'm sure I'll have a few more stories about riding on hills here in Texas over the coming months ... check back often.

Catch up with you again soon,


  1. I am not a bike fan (I'm lazy and we have huge hills here and very narrow roads) - but one of the things I was very happy to come to was our 100cc scooter - I rode it to work the last year I was working in the city because the price of parking is insane (free for scooter) and its tanks takes about 7 litres so it doesn't really matter what petrol costs. Plus its hugely fun to ride! Now my partner gets to ride it to work most days and I only get to play on it on the weekend - even for quick grocery trips its faster than getting the car out!
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  2. Hi Lissie,

    I am kind of worried about the hills here too. The whole trip is pretty much either uphill or downhill ... very little flat. That said, the only really steep incline is right here near my house, so at least it would come at the end of the ride.

    As for a moped, I thought of that. The only problem is, I would still have to do all of the motorcycle training and safety courses that the Army requires to be able to ride it on the post. It's just not worth the hassle.

  3. Seriously- hills in Texas? We foreigners think of it as flat - have to give us some Texas hill photos Todd! A moped is a power assisted bicycle - you don't need a license here for one of those. I have a full blowen scooter for which you require a motorcycle license for - but I got one of those before I had a car license and have always remembered to keep it renewed!
    In actual fact I couldn't ride a motorbike as they have gears and changing gears on a bike is a lot harder then doing it in a car!
    .-= Lis Sowerbutts´s last blog ..Keyword Academy Case Study – One Month Update =-.

  4. dreiving school leedsMay 12, 2010 at 1:33 PM

    Cycling to work is not such a bad idea besides your motivations - extra exercise and save money, it's also heping the environment(one driver less, less emissions in the air).
    I hope you can save enough to buy a nice car before the winter, cause it ain't be really nice to cycle then...


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