My Girls Are 100% Angel


My two youngest daughers, Jaiden and Joey are only 20 months apart, so we still have almost all of Jaiden's baby clothes. This outfit in particular, that says "100% Angel" was definitely one we wanted to get a picture of Joey wearing before she gets too old (she's 9 days old today).

You see, I have a picture of Jaiden wearing the exact same outfit when she was less than a week old ...

It's really neat to compare the two pictures to see how much they're alike ... and how different they are.

I'll have to go back through my baby pictures of Jaiden to see if there are any other "compare and contrast" type shots that I can try to set up. In the mean time, I'm pretty happy with the way these came out. I may end up taking one more set sometime next week before we decide which one is getting printed and put up on the wall.

I actually kind of liked the expression on her face a bit better in this one ...

But the eyes were much better in the picture that I put up there at the top.

Natural lighting btw. I laid out the pink blanket in her playpen, and opened the window shades to let in some nice soft afternoon light. There are a few shadows there, but it's all good, I'm not a pro or anything ... which is a good thing too, because I took a few shots earlier in the week with a flash on my camera ... they all came out horrible ... I just plain can't take good pictures with a flash.

Anyhow, let me end this post, I go back to work for the first time tomorrow, so I should probably try to get to bed at a decent hour.

Til next time ...



  1. I agree the eyes are great in the first picture, but I like her hands in the last one - like she's going to address the UN, or lecture at Harvard, or something excellent like that. Taking pictures of babies is harder than anyone (without babies) knows. That's why you have to take a million pictures. (Or that's what I tell people.) Always running into the problem of not wanting to delete the "bad" photos, because they are dear. Don't ask how many jpegs I've got. It's insane.

  2. lol ... I know the feeling. I have a couple of portable hard drives that are full of all the raw images of my pictures from the past few years. Many pictures I never even got around to doing post processing on. But you're right, I won't get rid of them ... especially the ones of the kids.

  3. I had the same experience with my 2 kids (except the 2nd one is a boy). They looked exactly alike as infants, but totally different if you know what I mean.

    And we never delete photos! Even the bad ones are adorable.


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