Big Playground on Fort Hood

One of the really cool things about living on a very large Army post, such as Fort Hood, is all the activities available for the kids. And even better, many are free, or nearly free! This huge playground that the girls and I visited the past two days is a perfect example.


There are playgrounds everywhere here on Fort Hood. We even have one almost literally in our back yard. Jasmine is there every day, and I take Jaiden over there as often as I can too. But the other night, when I drove Justin down to the Bronco youth center to check out the skateboard park, we discovered that adjoining the skatepark is a massive playground, that's about 10 times the size of the one in our back yard.

I knew that I had to take the girls ... and my camera :-)


I like this image above so much that I used it as my project365 picture for yesterday. Why exactly I liked it, I'm not even sure. I just know that Jaiden was having a great time running along all the little bridges that connect the various slides and platforms. Then every once in a while she would stop and peek out at me through the bars ... accompanied by laughter, of course.


Yesterday, we couldn't get Jaiden to go down any of the slides; which was odd, because she likes the slide at "our" park. This morning, she was a bit braver. This picture is from yesterday, looking up through the tube of the slide, trying to coax her to jump on. I like the swirly reflections.


Jasmine is such a good big sister. She's pretty much follows Jaiden around, helps her onto the equipment, and alerts me if she goes too high, or tries to climb a ladder/stairs that's too steep. In this shot, and the one of Jaiden, below, the girls came running down off that little hill behind them, and right past me on to the next set of slides. I caught Jasmine in mid stride.

But Jaiden was already slowing down to survey the situation ...

And then, it was time to go home.

See you next time !



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