Sunset At COB Adder Lake


We have a little lake here at COB Adder; actually it's more of a mini-reservoir; but it's a body of water. I actually haven't been over there to take pictures at all since I've been here, even though it's right next to the big PX. Tonight after chow, I decided to stop by the lake and grab a few pictures.

The one right below, is the picture that I was expecting to get for my project365. It shows the lake, some of the foliage surrounding it, and if you look up on the left corner, you can even see the ziggurat of ur in the background ...


I believe, but I'm not 100% positive, that this lake actually provides some of our water here on base ... not necessarily for drinking ... but for showers and such. Contrary to what you might believe, in many parts of Iraq, there are actually quite a few rivers and lakes. When I was flying down from Baghdad last October, the landscape was actually pretty surprising ... there was plenty of desert, to be sure ... but also a bit more green than I would have expected.

I think this is the 3rd or 4th time already that I've broken my (obviously flexible) "rule" about not using sunset pictures for project365. I just keep taking sunset pictures that I end up liking :-)



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