Rent A Tire ?


Okay, I know times are tough in many place around the country, but seriously .. "rent a tire" ?

Every time Ana and I drive past this place, when just shake our heads. It seems like such and odd concept.

Then again, I suppose that if you have no money, and bad credit, but need your car to get to work, it's probably good that an option like this is available.

It just seems a shame that the reality in our country is that the less money you have, the more things tend to cost. (I would imagine that even people who end up owning their tires from a place like this ultimately pay 2-3 times what the tire would cost at normal retail).

This isn't the only example ...

This afternoon on the radio, I heard one of those ads for a computer, with no credit check ... just proof of a job. I didn't listen close, but I think you pay something like $75-$100 a month, for about 2 years! And I may just be cynical, but somehow I doubt you're getting a high end gaming computer for that price ... more like a system that could be picked up at any Walmart for a couple hundred bucks.

And then finally, as I've written, I'm currently looking for a used car.

Fortunately, I have good credit, so was able to get a guaranteed loan from USAA should I choose to buy something that costs more than the amount of cash I have to spend. But in my search, I've also noticed how many of the local dealership almost seem to take advantage of the young soldiers here on Fort Hood.

There are many ads that promise automatic approval for any military member E-2 and above. But then want $2000-3000 down payment, and $250-300 a month (for 18-36 months) ... and these aren't new cars ... in many cases, these "deals" are for cars as much as 10 or 12 years old.

I'm not even sure why I'm ranting about this. In one way it doesn't really seem fair. But then again, I guess if there is no other way to obtain something that you need (like a car, or tires), over-paying might actually be preferable to not being able to have it at all.

I guess I'm just thankful that I'm not in that boat anymore. I did do credit counseling once, and didn't use a credit card for almost 6 years. Fortunately, I chose to actually pay off all of my debts, rather than declare bankruptcy (which a lawyer actually advised me might be in my best interest right as I was getting divorced from my first wife). I'm glad that was advice I chose to ignore.


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