Rent A Tire ?


Okay, I know times are tough in many place around the country, but seriously .. "rent a tire" ?

Every time Ana and I drive past this place, when just shake our heads. It seems like such and odd concept.

Then again, I suppose that if you have no money, and bad credit, but need your car to get to work, it's probably good that an option like this is available.

It just seems a shame that the reality in our country is that the less money you have, the more things tend to cost. (I would imagine that even people who end up owning their tires from a place like this ultimately pay 2-3 times what the tire would cost at normal retail).

This isn't the only example ...

This afternoon on the radio, I heard one of those ads for a computer, with no credit check ... just proof of a job. I didn't listen close, but I think you pay something like $75-$100 a month, for about 2 years! And I may just be cynical, but somehow I doubt you're getting a high end gaming computer for that price ... more like a system that could be picked up at any Walmart for a couple hundred bucks.

And then finally, as I've written, I'm currently looking for a used car.

Fortunately, I have good credit, so was able to get a guaranteed loan from USAA should I choose to buy something that costs more than the amount of cash I have to spend. But in my search, I've also noticed how many of the local dealership almost seem to take advantage of the young soldiers here on Fort Hood.

There are many ads that promise automatic approval for any military member E-2 and above. But then want $2000-3000 down payment, and $250-300 a month (for 18-36 months) ... and these aren't new cars ... in many cases, these "deals" are for cars as much as 10 or 12 years old.

I'm not even sure why I'm ranting about this. In one way it doesn't really seem fair. But then again, I guess if there is no other way to obtain something that you need (like a car, or tires), over-paying might actually be preferable to not being able to have it at all.

I guess I'm just thankful that I'm not in that boat anymore. I did do credit counseling once, and didn't use a credit card for almost 6 years. Fortunately, I chose to actually pay off all of my debts, rather than declare bankruptcy (which a lawyer actually advised me might be in my best interest right as I was getting divorced from my first wife). I'm glad that was advice I chose to ignore.



  1. I fail to understand the whole concept of "good or bad credit" you have over there. Doesn't it encourage people actively to take out credits with the risk of never being able to re-pay them. I am 40+ and never owned a credit card in my whole life, seems I would have it pretty hard in the US to even find a flat. And what happened to "save for what you want to buy"? Just random ramblings, sorry, and before I forget it, CONGRATULATIONS! for becoming father again, seems you made it home just in time, SY
    .-= hospitalera´s last blog ..Dine in Style with the Right Small Kitchen Table Sets =-.

  2. You have got to be kidding me! I have heard of leasing those fancy wheels ( and yes they end up costing 4 times the money) but rent a tire. How does that work? They wear out and become worthless. I would like to find their customers and get them to rent my tennis shoes.

  3. Thanks Sybil ... about the baby.

    lol ... and yes Tracy, "rent a shoe" ... I like it! :-)

  4. You can change your rims and tires every three months and lets put this in perspective for people with money and credit if you had a very limited income and needed tires to drive your kids safely to school what would you do you may not be in those shoes but if you were I bet you would 10 times if it ment you could get your family home safe...

  5. by the way most people do it to get rims a decent set of tires doesnt cost much anywhere where are the weapons of mass destruction might be a better question like spending billions of tax payers dollars and soliders lives for nothing but a construction contract hmmmm the world should have bigger issues

  6. For Todd let me ask you this if they told you in the air force you had to pay for your vest sidearm and m4 and there were three choices and evidently the best was the most costly and you couldnt afford it but they told you if you pay three times more and finance the best would you ?

  7. Hi Evan,

    I agree completely. In fact, I even said so in the post:

    Then again, I suppose that if you have no money, and bad credit, but need your car to get to work, it’s probably good that an option like this is available

  8. I checked this place out and its not as bad as you think. I called up to the one in Heights and it seemed pretty straight forward. The guy I spoke with let me know they have 90 days same as cash and he said he would try to match anyones price for cash sales. They do free installs, flat repairs, rotations, and even road hazzard. Now this is where he said you can get hurt ... tires are on 9 months and wheels or wheel & tire packages are on a year term he said try to avoid going over your 90 days as to save the most money because if you pay full term you pay He gave me all this info without haveing to fight it out of him. He said he just wants to be straight up with the customer so there is no surprises. He also told me if I could get a better deal elsewhere. This isn't somewhere I would go but if anything the people are straight forward and do offer a legitament service for people who have just what you said bad or no credit or just don'e have the lump sum all at once.
    For example he quoted me something like 35 dollars a week for 9 months for some 225/40 r 18's 575.00 90 days same as cash. pretty much on par with what other shops offer cash out right and i could add road hazzard for unlimited mileage(as long as the tires have legal tread depth) and 3 yrs for 20 bucks a tire. Not bad at all. Just would seem weird to buy tires from a place called Rent a


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