Potty Training 18 Month Old Jaiden


One of daddy's jobs during my two week recuperation period is to help my 18 month old daughter Jaiden with potty training. Tonight after dinner, she decided to show me where her potty is, and how much she enjoys sitting on it. lol, of course she didn't actually do anything tonight, but just knowing what "potty" means, and getting her to sit on it is half the battle won. And it's really even better than that, she already did a poop on her little potty about 2 weeks ago, while I was still in Iraq.

I have to run in to work for about 3 half days next week, but after that, I'm off for 14 days. This is when the intense potty training will begin ...

I think we'll definitely still let Jaiden wear her diaper at night, but during the day, I plan to bring her potty downstairs, and let her run around during the day without a diaper. I haven't decided yet whether I'm just going to ask her if she has to go, or whether we'll do the "sit on the pot every hour" method. Either way, I'm probably the one who has the patience for this sort of the thing ...

Mommy's first problem would be letting Jaiden run around without a diaper. Then, even if we got over that hurdle, when I tell mommy that we'll have to jump up and down to celebrate each poop or peepee, I get the all too familiar eye roll. I on the other hand, think the whole thing sounds like one big fun game.

I guess that's why kids are given two parents.

... and really, ours are even luckier, because Ana and I tend to have different strengths, so the kids get the benefit of a wider range of ideas and skills when it comes to learning the lessons they'll need to grow up.

You can help if you want ... let's all hope for some poop as quickly as possible, so the celebrations can begin. :-)


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