Natural Light Portrait Of Jaiden


Confession, I hate my camera flash. But I love shooting portraits, especially of my kids. So, as you might imagine, I'm a huge fan of natural light. By far my favorite time of day to take "people pictures" is in the late afternoon / early evening, when the sun is starting to get a little lower in the sky, and the shadows aren't nearly as harsh.

The picture above was taken as we were cruising down hwy 190 in Killeen at about 5:30 this evening. I was sitting in the passenger seat, with my camera in my lap, when I noticed the light coming in through the window and hitting Jaiden "just right". The fact that she was in the process of playing "I'm asleep ... no, I'm awake" and giving me a wry little half smile just made it all the better.

It's possibly just daddy's pride, but I really like the way this picture turned out.

Obviously we're not going to be able to hop in the van and take a ride down the road during the "magic hour" every night, but I have a few more ideas for good spots around the yard, and near a couple of windows in the house.

I apologize to any readers who aren't fans of "kid pictures". I really didn't intend to use pictures of the kids every single day since I've been back. But, after a couple of months of taking shots of nothing but inanimate objects, and unwilling human subjects, it's so nice to have my cute little smiling personal models back in my viewfinder again. :-)



  1. OK I agree they are cute! Now do you have some good weather photos coming up? Or even a shaggy dog photo? In fact all I know about Texas is that its big and flat ...
    .-= Lissie´s last blog ..Passive Income Online – Now Running Frugal Theme! =-.

  2. lol ... Hi Lissie ... umm, weather shot's will be on an "as available" basis, but believe me, if there's a good severe thunderstorm in our area, chances are I'll be outside with my camera.

    Shaggy dog might just be a bit easier. While I was away, my wife "acquired" a couple of shih tzu puppies ... I'll try to find an excuse to make them the subject of one of my pictures/posts in the next day or two ... just for you :-)

  3. That's a great shot Todd. I also hate flash shots as they tend to make the image so flat. The only time I ever took half decent shots was with my old Minolta SLR (analogue) which had a flash unit that allowed me to bounce the flash. I did manage to get some interesting shots that way.
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