How To Get Artificial Motion In A Picture Using A Zoom Lens


Thought I'd take a day off from posting pictures of my kids. Today's picture is actually more of a "test/experiment" than anything else. I was sitting out front, and decide to take some pictures of this bush with red and green berries. After I few shots, I remembered a technique I'd read about, and have been wanting to try ...

Make sure you have a zoom lens mounted on the camera.

Pick a (distant) spot to focus on, then switch to manual focus.

Zoom all the way out to the widest focal length of the lens.

As you're pressing the shutter button, simultaneously turn the zoom ring from wide to telephoto.

This gives the picture a motion effect, that kind of reminds me of the x-wing fighters taking off in star wars.

This berry bush may not have been the ideal subject for this technique, but now if I do run into a situation where it really would create a cool picture, I've had some practice with it.


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