A Nature Walk At Sunset


I haven't gone on a nature walk in a while. So, when it got to be about 6pm and I still hadn't taken my picture of the day, and I noticed that the pre-sunset light was looking pretty good, of course I grabbed my camera and headed out into the woods behind my house. Now that I'm back home in Texas, I have access to my most versatile lens: my Bigma (Sigma 50-500mm). The sucker weighs a couple of pounds, but I've gotten some pretty good hand-held shots with it over the years.

I was only out for about 30-45 minutes, but I ended up getting a couple of pictures that I actually liked. The one above with the agave plant and the pink/orange flowers is probably my favorite. It's the type of shot I probably wouldn't have too much trouble convincing my wife to frame and put up in the bedroom or something.

I also enjoy shooting (with my camera), wildlife and insects. I didn't run into any interesting wildlife this evening, but I did get a few decent insect shots. Something to keep in mind with these, is that I don't have a macro lens, and to be perfectly honest, I'm not sure that taking pictures of insects like moths and dragon flies would necessarily be easier if I did. When I'm shooting this short of shot with my Bigma, I'm usually at least 10 feet away, so the bugs don't even notice me.

This first one is a little moth that landed on a daisy. If you look real close you can see that he's actually enjoying a meal:

This last one is just sort of a "so-so" shot of a dragon fly, but I thought the purple flowers in the background made it a bit more interesting.

Thats what I got for now.

til tomorrow ...



  1. Great pictures, Todd. I like the first one....beautiful one to frame. The picture of the daises are pretty also. Daisy is one of my favorites flowers.
    Thanks for sharing these with us.

  2. Hi Cille,

    Glad you're enjoying my pictures ... and thanks for reminding me about some of these older posts. :-)


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