The PT Reflective Belt

refective pt belt

Ask anybody in the military, especially those who are deployed, what they think about the reflective pt belt, and you will more likely than not be greeted by rolled eyes at best; or quite possibly a full fledged rant.

Here's the rule ...

Anytime it's dark, and/or low visibility, you MUST wear your reflective belt at all times.

I'm all about safety, and being a good SNCO, I'm not going to publicly mock leadership decisions.

For people who are running and walking on the roads at night, that reflective belt could very well end up being a life saver ... the important (you're not dead) type ... not the candy.

I think what inspires the mocking though, is the way that the rules are sometimes enforced.

For instance ...

The Army guys may very well be denied entry to the DFAC (dining facility for you non-military types), if they show up without their PT Belt.

Guess what happens?

They're sent back, into the dark, to go get their belt ????

The Air Force isn't much better ...

Lately they've been doing ID and PT Belt checks as we enter the Bedrock living area. Again, I'm not mocking the rules, but I do always get a chuckle when I think about the fact that I have to have my reflective belt on in the CHU area (where there are no cars) ... I guess they're worried that somebody walking too fast might run into me?

I could go on ...

But if you want more examples, there are actually entire facebook pages devoted just to the subject of the reflective PT belt:



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