The Aloha Team Is Coming To The Todd Morris Blog

P1000921.jpg Back in 2008, when I still lived in Hawaii, I had a blog called Aloha Team that was pretty much about my time there in the Islands. I did a lot things pretty similar to what I'm now doing here lately with the pictures and articles. I posted quite a few "Hawaii Pictures of the Day", along with articles about people, places and events.

I haven't really done much with that site since I left Hawaii. I toyed with the idea of turning it into more of a generic travel blog ... I even accepted about a dozen guest posts about various destinations. But after thinking about it, I honestly just don't have time to run that site the way I'd like to.

But, there is an awful lot of good content over there ... quite a bit of it, personal stuff ... that would probably actually fit in pretty well on this blog. So, what I'm going to do is slowly move those posts over here to I'm going to start with the oldest posts, and as I move it over, I can also do some re-writing if needed. Initially I'll just 301 redirect the individual posts once they're live here. But eventually, when I get everything done, I'll redirect the entire site.

Why I am I telling you this?

Well, most readers may not even notice the additional content. I'm going to keep the original dates with the posts, so they won't be coming to the front page or anything. You may however, notice them in the "random", "popular", or "similar" lists over in the sidebar. Also, for those who are subscribed to the feed via email or rss, I'm not sure whether these posts will show up or not ... wanted to warn you just in case though.

Anyhow, this project should take a couple of weeks. Once those posts are over here, should you happen to stumble across any of them, I hope that reading about Hawaii adds positively to your experience here at the Todd Morris blog. :-)


  1. Wow Todd! I wish you would rethink this one. Your Aloha Team blog has a page rank of 2. Plus age. Plus I will have to remove your local blog from my local blog list on my local blog.

    I'd hate to see you throw away a PR2 aged domain. Especially since you do not know what you will be doing once you leave the military. You put so much into that blog. It definitely would make a nice travel blog that could bring in a few dollars if you ever decided.

    Just my 2 cents!
    .-= Denise @ How to Make Money Online at Home´s last blog ..Blogger Illustrated: Internet Marketing Defined =-.

  2. Hi Denise,

    I'm still thinking on it actually .. have only moved over one post so far. In the end, I may just compromise, and only move over the more "personal" posts, that can't be easily monetized ... and then continue to shape the site into more of a general travel blog.

    I do appreciate the feedback and advice.


  3. I am glad you are still thinking it over. I think in the long run you may be happy to have kept it. Even if you decide to flip the site later. The pictures on that site are GREAT! That site is so unique and real. Most travel blogs do not have that personal touch.
    .-= Denise @ How to Make Money Online at Home´s last blog ..Blogger Illustrated: Internet Marketing Defined =-.


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