The Alamo - COB Adder Legal Office


I had to make a quick trip to the Legal Office the other day. Here on COB Adder it is called the "The Alamo". This is another one of those places that was on my "I gotta get a picture before I leave" list. Since I was over that way again this morning, and had my camera in the truck, I couldn't resist the opportunity to snap a few pictures of the arch, and wall mural.

The reason that I had to go to the legal office was to get another power of attorney to send to my wife back home. I had actually already gotten a multi-purpose special power of attorney from the Fort Hood legal office back when I was going my pre-deployment preparation. However, as sometimes happens, an subject that I didn't plan for (and therefore wasn't covered by the existing document) happened to pop up. Fortunately, I was able to get a walk-in appointment right here on post, scanned the new power of attorney, and emailed it to my wife.

Most larger bases over here in Iraq (and Afghanistan) have legal offices right on post. They can handle things like updating wills, new power of attorney, notary, and even talking to a lawyer. I'm not sure how busy they normally are, so I wouldn't actually come over here planning to use their services (much better to get everything taken care of back home). But, if something does come up, at least you know they're here.

Even on the smaller FOBs, most of the units usually have somebody (usually in the S1) who is qualified to do simple things like notary, and possibly even power of attorney. I know that last time I was here in 2007, I had to get a document notarized before I sent it home, and I just went to a Sgt I knew, and he took care of it that day.

Not the most exciting story in the world, but I hope it's helpful.

Now, when I get back home, I might just have to plan a trip this summer to see (and take pictures of) the "real" Alamo.


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