My Cool Sunglasses


Okay, so they might not be $150 Oakleys or anything (actually I would never buy $150 sunglasses, I'd break or lose them within a week, guaranteed) ... but these suckers are probably among the most important pieces of "equipment" that I brought with me on this deployment.

The sun is almost always shining, and quite often, the wind is blowing; which means that dust and sand are flying all around. A good pair of sunglasses are essential.

This particular pair was actually issued to me as part of my Battlefield Airman's gear ... which includes all kinds of cool stuff like sleeping bags, gortex jackets, extra boots, and even knives (although I smartly leave the switch blade one in it's little pouch ... me in close proximity to that sort of knife for any extended length of time could definitely result in a trip to the hospital). And of course, google and sunglasses.

I have one pair of goggles that almost look like something you'd wear on a ski slope. I don't wear those much, but if I'm ever on a UH-60 helicopter again, I'll definitely have them with me. The sunglasses pictured above, actually have 3 sets of lenses ... the dark ones, for day time ... a clear lens for wearing them at night, and one of those yellow lenses, which I assume are for shooting.

Anyhow, that's about all I have to say ... today was more of a picture day, than a writing day ... so, I hope you like the picture ;-)



  1. I had to read the first few sentences like twice cuz yes I would have thrown a fit if you would have bought some sunglasses that cost that much.Im the only one allowed to do that

  2. you spelled goggles wrong in the 3rd paragraph, last sentence, well unless they really did issue

  3. lol ... yes, they issued me some google ... good catch ... but, since you already pointed it out, I guess I have to leave it now :-)

  4. lol ... no joke ... miss $350 Coach purse! Don't worry, I wouldn't even want expensive sun glasses anyway.

  5. Hey Sir I do really like your website my husband send this to me so i can the Place..He just arrived there yesterday...Happy Thanksgiving and god bless you

  6. Hi Josephine ... Happy Thanksgiving to you too!


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