Is There Really A Man In The Moon?


I remember one time when we were driving from my parents house near Tampa, back up to Tyndall AFB, FL, where I was stationed. Justin was about 5 or 6 years old, and Haley was still a toddler. Their mom, and baby Jordan were sleeping, as it was already dark. As I'm driving along, and I hear a question from behind me:

"Dad, is there really a Man in the Moon?"

Now, I could have given my young, impressionable son the "real" answer ...

But you have to understand something about me, back when I was 19 years old, my favorite comic in the world was Calvin and Hobbes, and I made up my mind right there and then that if I ever had kids (little did I know), my "role model" as a father would definitely be Calvin's dad. :-)

So, here's what transpired over the next 5 minutes or so ...

Justin: Dad, is there really a man in the moon?

Me: Sure there is, can't you see him? (as I point out the window at the full moon)

Justin: Why does he look so sad?

Me: (without missing a beat) Because his wife left him

Justin: Why did she leave?

Me: He made her mad.

Justin: Where did she go?

Me: To the other side of the moon.

Justin: Is she coming back?

Me: I don't know. Tell you what, let's start looking at the moon every time it's out ... if the man in the moon looks happy again, it means his wife came back.

Justin: Okay

Haley: (who has been quiet the entire time) Dad, what if the man in the moon comes down and tries to get me?

Me: It's okay hunny, he can't leave the moon.

This answer seemed to satisfy her.

... unfortunately, for the rest of the drive, every time Haley would start to go to sleep, Justin would lean over and whisper "The Man in the Moon is coming to get you"

Much crying ensued.

Even at 5 or 6 years old, big brothers are just "the best", aren't they? ;-)


p.s. for the next couple of years, almost every time we were driving anywhere at night, the kids would check the man in moon to see if he looked happy again ... apparently, his wife never came back. ... or, for those who are slightly more cynical, maybe he's still so sad because she DID come back 8-)

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