Global Warming?


Okay, I don't know about "global" warming, but it's definitely hotter than it's supposed to be here in southern Iraq right now. I realize this is sort of a recurring theme. I know, it's kind of like, "why is it hot?" ... and Sam Kinison screams back at me "Because you're in the F%&*@# desert !!!"

But seriously, according our (admittedly limited) climatology, the previous Record High for this month was only 99 degrees Fahrenheit. The official high temperature we recorded today was 104 ... but our little hand held, sitting in the sun for about 10 minutes right outside our office showed a much more impressive (for purposes of my picture anyway) 110.8 degrees.

Either way, it's just not normally supposed to be this hot, this soon!

Just to clarify though, lest someone accuse me of being a "global warming alarmist" ... I am NOT at all trying to imply that just because it's hotter than normal in one place, it somehow indicates that climate is also changing on a global scale. There are actually some indications that may be the case.

But for the purposes of this post, I just wanted to take picture of the Kestral 4000 indicating triple digit temps, and talk a little about the weather :-D



  1. A little warm I admit - but better than the 30 minute hail storm with 130km /hr winds we had a couple of days ago - that's not supposed to happen until July!

    One of the interesting things I read recently re the whole global warming thing is that urbanisation is actually making local temps hotter than they were ie. a city is always warmer than a non-built up area - so if the weather station gets surrounded by factories and major roads it will gradually read warmer - do you have an opinion on that - it sounded likely to me but I'm no weather person!
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