Coffee Cigarettes And The Weather Forecaster


In a way, Dave is a throwback to the old school weather forecasters; the kind that were common when I came in the Air Force 20 years ago. He smokes like a chimney, drinks a couple of pot of coffee a night, and gets way too stressed out about his job. If I was to teach him how to play pinochle, I could probably pop him in a time machine, set the dial for about 1977, and Dave would fit right in.

This is my mid-shift forecaster. He's another guy who I'm also stationed with back at Fort Hood, so we'll continue to work together for the next 2-3 years, at least. During our time here, besides me, Dave was the most experienced when it comes to Iraq weather; due to the fact that he spent several years to the Shaw AFB weather HUB, forecasting for this region; before PCSing over to Fort Hood at about the same time I did, last year.

I've been real lucky on this deployment to work with such a great of guys, who I could always rely on to do their jobs, and do them well ... definitely makes it much easier to be the NCOIC (Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge ... for you non-military types).

Ok, well two down, and two to go. Look for pictures and mini-profiles of Brian and Kevin sometime in the next couple weeks (depending on how soon I can sneek up them for a good shot).

Hope everyone has a FuN day ... TGIF!



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