C-17 GlobeMaster Taking Off Into The Rising Sun

C17 Globemaster sunrise

I like airplane pictures, and I like sun rises. Every once in a while I'm in the right place, at the right time, with the right lens on my camera .. as I was this morning when this C-17 was taking off into a nice orange early morning sky.

When I first started project365, I wasn't really planning to take many pictures of the aircraft around the base. However, over the past 2 1/2 months, two of the most popular shots (here on the blog, and flickr) were of a C-130 airplane and UH-60 helicopter. Of course, I did have a cool story to go with each of those posts ...

I've flown on C-17s a couple of times over the years. I remember on the flight into Iraq in 2007, the last time I deployed here, we were really happy to be on a C-17 instead of a C-130 ... I wasn't quite so lucky this time. I was also on a C-17 flying Space-A from Hawaii to Travis AFB to go meet up with my son Justin a couple of summers ago. The coolest thing about flying Space-A on a C-17 is that if you bring a sleeping bag, once its up at cruising altitude, most of the time the crew will let you stretch out right there on the floor of the aircraft. In some ways, it's almost better than flying commercial. The other thing is, these planes are new enough that they're fairly reliable ... unlike my trips on C-5s ... if you get a seat on one of those, don't get too excited until you're at least half way to your destination. (so that when some sort of warning light inevitably comes on, it's easier to keep going, than to turn back) :-)

Hopefully I'll be on one of these bad boys again in just a couple of weeks ... on my way home!

Til tomorrow ...


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