Blowing Cold Air


Ever since the weather started getting warmer over here, I have had a love/hate relationship with my window air conditioning unit.

On the one hand, I do absolutely love the fact that I have a room (not a tent) with some form of climate control.

On the other hand, I'm am so frustrated by the fact that it appears to be virtually impossible to set this thing to anything close to a comfortable temperature level.

If I leave the dial a bit too much towards the warm, or on one of the lower fan levels, the room gets too hot, and I end up sweating as I sit here in my leather desk chair.

But if I turn the fan up one level, or move the thermostat towards the "cooler" end of the dial, the room gets extremely cold, pretty quickly.

It's ridiculous to the point that one day about 2 weeks ago, when it was well over 100 degrees outside, Brian knocked on my door after lunch to give me the truck key, I answered the door wearing my fleece jacket. No explanation was needed; he's got the same type of air conditioner in his room.

Okay ... that's the end of this minor rant

... man, rereading this I sure do sound like a spoiled little whiny Airman from time to time.

I sure hope that nobody who's currently trudging through the mud in Afghanistan ever reads this blog. Those guys are America's real military hero's ... and any "complaints" I might have are so minor in comparison to what some of my fellow comrades in arms are currently experiencing that they're literally inconsequential.

Actually, now that I think about it, lets just ignore the first 185 words or so of this post.

Today I'm thankful for my air conditioner.



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