Young Soldier Reenlists In Iraq

Specialist Kennedy Army reenlistment

We have to go to a lot of meetings and ceremonies in the military. Of all of them, reenlistments are probably the ones the I like the most. It's always fun to see people, especially the young troops, who like their jobs enough to want to keep doing them. Today it was Specialist Kennedy's opportunity to extend her time in the Army.

... and it was an opportunity for me to take a few of my favorite kind of pictures: semi-candid people shots. ;-)



  1. Todd, perhaps a few more photographs of your female colleagues are called for if Specialist Kennedy is anything to go by!

    In my day the "ladies" were somewhat different.
    .-= Mike´s last blog ..Attacus atlas-Atlas Moth Photo/Image =-.

  2. I bet some family back home will appreciate
    you having taken this photo.


  3. lol, Mike you dirty old man. Kennedy is literally young enough to be my daughter ... and I think you've got a few years on me.

    As for additional pictures, sorry to disappoint, but the next reenlistment I will be going to is for one of the Guys who works for me. But hey, you never know maybe Brian will turn a head or two as well. :-D

  4. Hi JL,

    I did email a few pictures to Specialist Kennedy. And since my time here is getting a little shorter, I do plan to try to get some "in action" shots of a few of my other workmates as well. The big problem is, many of them are pretty camera shy ... they see me coming and turn their heads ... the only way to be sure of getting their pictures is to catch them when they have to stand still ... as in this case with the reenlistment. :-)

  5. She's wearing makeup ??? That's insane - surely you get out of wearing makeup in the army LOL

  6. Todd,

    Sun, sand, girls..........where's the Tequila?

    If only it wasn't for the fact that there are a million enemies out there trying to smoke your *** it probably wouldn't be that bad.

    That's a really cool shot of ol' glory in the background.
    .-= Dave´s last blog ..Team USA Defeats Team Canada in Olympic Hockey =-.


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