Will This Dust Ever Go Away?


Do you remember that dust storm I talked about a few days ago, in the background of my dramatic bridge picture? Well, it still hasn't gone away. Our visibility has been 2 miles or less for 3 days now. Don't worry though, I decided not to bore you with pictures of the dust (because let's be honest it's not very exciting).

But, I did want to take this opportunity to share a picture of what a typical weather briefing that we do looks like. In the scene above, one of my forecasters (Kevin), is delivering the news to a helicopter pilot that he's going to have an interesting flight tonight, because the dust just won't go away ... and we don't know why.

Seriously, sometimes being a weather forecaster can be a bit frustrating. Normally at this time of year, when we get a dust storm, it clears out sometime the next day. It's pretty unusual to have light winds, which we've had for the past two days, but still stay as dusty as we are. Now, during the summer time, when the northwesterly winds blow 25-30 knots for a week at a time, this will happen quite a bit. But with this event, we were a bit stumped.

Regardless ... I'm way ready for the dust to just go away ... I have a got the mother of all headaches right now.

Ok, on that fun note, I'm off to bed for an early night of sleep. Catch up with you tomorrow.



  1. Hi Ari,

    Yes, the dust is annoying ... not only does it get into/onto everything ... but it stuffs up my sinuses pretty good. No biggie though, only about a month to go ... and in the big scheme of things, not much to complain about. :-)


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