Super Bowl Monday In Iraq

super bowl monday in Iraq

The Super Bowl party over here took place overnight, into very early Morning. If you wanted to see the game live, you had to stay up all night, and go to your unit's designated "party" area. But for many it was worth it ... not only to see the game, but because this is the one time of year where we get Real Beer. Every person got to have two beers of their choice to eat with their dinner of chicken wings, pizza and assorted other fried goodies. A good time was had by all.

lol ... I am a typing zombie right now. I stayed up all night to work; slept a couple of hours this morning; and am now just trying to eek it out until about 7:30pm, so that hopefully I can sleep all night, and get back on schedule.

It's all good though, the sacrifice was worthwhile ... my guys got to watch the game ... and after I got off work, I even got to stop in and have my two beers too !!!

"See" you tomorrow ...



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