She Has The Key To My Heart


Well, since my Valentine is thousands of miles away, in a totally different country, February 14th is really just another day this year.

But even though we won't be together today, I can't help but to reflect on how fortunate I am to have found someone who holds the key to my rusty old heart.

I love you my wifey.



  1. Not rusty just old and hard of hearing sometimes.
    Love you too;-)

  2. what did you say ??? :p

  3. Thanks Ari ...

    lol, I am a true guy when it comes to things like Valentine's day ... just couldn't think of anything good to take a picture of; or what I was going to write. But I guess it turned out ok. Maybe next year, when I'm at home, I'll try the self portrait with pink socks ;-)


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