Restaurants in Sao Paulo Brazil

Like any city worth its salt which can be considered truly cosmopolitan, Sao Paulo Brazil is a melting pot of diverse cultures from around the world.  Besides the uniquely Brazilian mix of Europeans ( namely Portuguese, Italians, and Germans) with Africans, there is also a strong Asian presence thanks to heavy Japanese immigration from a century ago.  Rounding out the mix is the contribution from the Near East, namely from the Syrian immigrants who together with the aforementioned peoples now make up the complex and tasty mix that is Sao Paulo.  And the keyword here is tasty, for in this proud city of Brazil one can sample authentic cuisine from all these cultures as well as the smorgasbord of gastronomic melding between such divergent cultures.

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With all the choices for restaurants in Sao Paulo Brazil, one has some choices to make.  Proceed with the knowledge that food is a way of life in this city of business and pleasure, and know your budget!  Once you have that sussed out, a good starting point in narrowing down the choices might be the choice of Italian, Japanese, or Middle Eastern.  Or if you prefer homegrown Brazilian fare, go for a Churrascaria- the Brazilian barbeque.  These are basically all-you-can-eat meat fests which also have an eye-and-stomach-busting salad bar selection.  The waiters at such establishments come around to your table holding stakes or plates of barbequed meat, slicing your desired portions onto your plate for your dining pleasure.  In churrascarias it’s an accepted practice to leave uneaten what you find unpalatable and request something else- a wasteful practice to many of us, but just part of the experience of B-BBQ.

For another local venue which is casual but tasty, try the kilo restaurants.  Here, patrons select from an assortment of offers, which they place on their plate.  The plate is weighed and the customer charged accordingly.  Be sure to try the feijoada, the quintessential Brazilian bean stew containing small pieces of pork and spices such as bay leaf and pepper- the simple-but-complex, filling, and delightful taste of Brazil.


  1. Can't wait to my brazil trip later in march :) I just want to go BBQ now!! I want summer now

  2. I recently have seen photos of my friend's brazil trips and after reading this blog I now really want to visit there!

  3. This post was of interest to me as i really want to go to Sao Paolo, most people see Rio De Janeiro as the city to visit in Brazil but its Sao Paolo, the N.Y of Sth America which really excites me. Its the social and economic capital of N.Y and it seems so much more real than Rio.


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