Not The Goodyear Blimp


Since it's Super Bowl Sunday and all, I just couldn't help thinking that this scene reminded me of driving towards the stadium on the day of the big game. Only thing is, that's not the Goodyear blimp, and it's not taking pictures of a sporting event. Oh well, the imagination can be a wonderful thing sometimes.

Speaking of the big game, it starts at about 2am over here. I will not be watching it live though. I'm actually just about to hit the rack, to try to catch a nap so that I can work the mid shift for one of my forecasters. We actually get 2 real beers while we watch the game tonight ... and since my guys work harder than I do, I figure it's only fair that they are the ones who get to go to the party.

That being said, I do intend to find a way to try to get some images of the Super Bowl Party for tomorrow's picture/blog post of the day.


p.s. If any of you want to email me with "updates" during the game, I'll be up ;-)


  1. Todd, you're such a nice guy to let the other guys enjoy the Superbowl party. Only two beers? LOL

    We'll be watching the Big Game later this afternoon, it starts at 5:20 or so, and we're all prepared with some munchies ie junk food to snack on. Probably gonna need a good nap before the game since we woke up crazy early this morning. Sucks getting old. Ha!
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  2. Hi Lin,

    lol, I am a nice guy ... but, it's more a rank thing too. Kind of traditional in the military that "leadership" people do things like cover shifts during the Super Bowl, man the grill at BBQs, and serve turkey/stuffing on the chow line at Thanksgiving. Just doing my little part.

    As for the two beers thing ... all we have normally is "near beer", so real beer is definitely a treat. That said, I'm not sure they'll be any left by the time I get off work tomorrow. It's all good though, if you were to believe Ana even when I'm at home two beers is enough to get me buzzing ... probably better to skip it all together over here. :-)

    Sounds like you all are going to have a fun day though ... and I hope you get that nap. I know about getting old; something I could see myself doing if I was home for Super Bowl Sunday ... buying beer and chips and snacks; enjoying the first half of the game; then falling asleep on the couch and having to find out who won later on ESPN ... or Twitter (this being 2010 and all). :-D

    Have FuN! ... catch up with you again soon.


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