My Macbook Pro Got A Bath Today


Today was cleaning day. My room finally got to the point where even I couldn't take it any more. So I turned in my laundry, changed the sheets, swept and mopped the floors, and dusted all the furniture, and last but not least broke out the wipes so I could clean my laptop and extra monitor. And then, because having a nice clean room is a relatively "special" occasion, of course I had to commemorate the event with a picture ...

And how do you like that product placement? I wonder if Endust has an affiliate program? ;-)

Catch you tomorrow.


p.s. Even though my computer is nice and clean, I do sort of feel sorry for it ... because I have to admit that it's not in nearly as good a shape as it would be had it stayed "Ana's Macbook Pro". Why do women treat their toys so much better than we do? :-)

p.p.s. update: lol, ok this is really just for shits and giggles, but since my picture looks so much like an ad for Endust, I might as well put the Amazon link here to see if anybody actually buys some: Get Endust Wipes Here (standard disclosure: if you buy from this link, I get paid ... woo hoo!!!)


  1. Okay first of all I thought you meant from the title that you dropped the computer in water or something. I was like, noooooo!

    It looks so shiny and pretty. I want it. I'm thisclose to finally getting my own MacBook Pro, I'm so excited.

    And I dunno, I don't keep my toys so great. My current laptop has definitely seen better days. It misses those days. Then again, it's also nearly 4 years old... and shares my home with a shedding cat.

    But my MacBook Pro, I will totally take care of. For a while anyway.

  2. Hi Ari,

    lol, I'm practicing my headline writing skills ... sounds like it worked on you ;-)

    I'm glad to hear that you're almost there on your computer goal. Sorry I can't contribute this time ... all my extra money right now is committed to my "holy crap I can't believe I'm having ANOTHER kid" fund :-D

    Once you do get yours though, I'm quite sure it will have a very good and loving home. Looking forward to seeing Your Macbook pro pictures real soon. (... and this is just a hunch, but for some reason I can almost envision the introduction scene: Danbo and Wall-E meet Ms. Mac)

  3. Todd, I feel ya. My desk was getting so bad that the can-o-air just wasn't cutting it anymore so I had to bring out the disinfectant wipes and go to town. It feels good having a clean work room doesn't it?

  4. Hey Chewie,

    Yes, I do actually like the feeling of having a clean room ... lol, not enough to actually sweep, mop and dust everyday, or anything crazy like that ... but I am enjoying it while I've got it. :-)

  5. Stop the presses,you actually cleaned something!!!

  6. Oh you gotr me I thought you'd lost your toy computer to falling asleep in the bath and would have to buy a real computer - you know one with Windows and sioftware .. :-)

  7. haha Todd, you got me too with that headline. I also thought you ruined your Mac Pro. Such a teaser you are haha.
    .-= Lin´s last blog ..Skype Webcam – What is the Best Webcam for Skype? =-.

  8. Didn't realize you were in deployed until a tweet you sent out earlier this week. Loving the photos each day. Curious how can you get Endust wipes overseas and I can't even find them at HEB.

    Be safe. Bring yourself and all of the tech equipment home safely.


  9. Hey John,

    Thanks for stopping by, and I'm glad you're liking the pictures. I'll be back in Texas sometime in April, so I'm sure I'll be getting reacquainted with all the weather people on twitter. Since I've been over here, I pretty much just use twitter as another way to let people know when there's a new blog post ... but once I'm back in the States, I'll start chatting on there again.

    Catch up with you again soon.

  10. If by some chance I had ruined the computer, it would be a double whammy too ... I'd have no computer ... and Ana would be there to say "I told you not to take that one with you" :-D

    I hope you have fun the rest of your time in Chicago.

  11. Hi Lissie,

    lol ... see that's the problem, I have to use "real" computers all day at work ... which means I spend a fair percentage of time every day trying to figure out why they won't do what I want them to.

    It's so nice to get home, turn on my laptop, and it just plain works! ;-)


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