It's All About Your Perspective


Ever notice how two people can look at the same object or scene and sometimes come away seeing two completely different things? Or maybe they read a book, or watch a movie and end up with an opinion about it that is 180 degree opposite of what we think. What about politics ... think there are some varying opinions there? But just because people may see things differently, does this automatically mean that someone has to be "wrong"?

In almost any situation, sometimes taking a step back and changing the way we're looking at something, can totally change our perspective.

By occasionally examining things from a different angle, we may not necessarily change our own opinions or ideas; but it does make it much easier to understand where others might be coming from, if you take the time to try to see what they see.

Just a thought ...


p.s. I know for a fact that all of those containers are exactly the same size. However, if you were to argue that the ones on the right are much smaller, I might have a hard time disagreeing; after all, the "evidence" is right here in front of my face. Then again, this might be a good example of why it's important to look at things from all angles before deciding that what you see is necessarily a concrete "fact". :-)


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