How To Save Money Cutting Your Own Hair


Today was haircut day at the Morris CHU (compartmentalized housing unit). It's a regular event that happens about every 5-8 days; with the exact timing depending primarily on how many times in a row I forget to bring the clippers with me to the shower after PT.

I've been cutting my own hair on and off for probably the past 15 years. I think I go to the barber shop maybe once or twice a year; just to change things up a bit. Of course I have two advantages when it comes to "self serve" haircuts ...

  1. I'm in the military, so my hair is expected to be short ... which means I can cut it with electric clippers ... no way I could do that hair between the fingers, and snip it with scissors thing on my own.

  2. Due to the simple facts of life, the older I get, the less hair I have to begin with. Ana often rolls her eyes when I say it's hair cut time ... "what hair?". However, I am the type who always looks for the silver lining, and in this case, since it's thin anyway, I no longer even worry about trying to "blend" or "taper" the sides and the back ... just buzz away with the bare clipper blades.

I have developed a bit of a technique over the years ... and when I actually cared a bit more, I could actually do a pretty good job of getting a nice close taper all around. Cutting the front and sides is easy; just look in the mirror and trim. To cut the back, I stand facing away from the sink, and use a little hand held mirror to see my reflection in the bigger bathroom mirror. Works pretty good ... I don't think I've ever gone to work with an extra clump of hair still back there.

So, where does the saving money thing come in?

Well, I've got a couple of sets of clippers at home, but due to the different power here, I didn't bring them. Instead, when I first got here, I went over to the market and picked up a cordless rechargeable electric trimmer (pictured above) for $25.

Barber shop hair cuts over here are relatively cheap at $4.50 (which means about $6-7 after tip). As I said, I need a haircut about once a week. By the time I leave, I'll have been here for about 26 weeks. Quick math: 26x7= $182

Cutting my own hair during this deployment is saving me almost $160!

... and back home, hair cuts are more like $10 each time, with the tip. That's $500 a year extra I have ... or more accurately: would have, if Ana didn't spend it ;-)

Til tomorrow ...


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