But I Don't Want My Picture Taken


Tough, I'm taking it anyway !

I swear some people will go to such great lengths not to have their picture taken. Seriously if they'd just stand still for even a couple of seconds I might be able to create a seriously cool portrait for them. But NOOOOO ... instead they have to go moving around, and trying to cover their face with their shirt. Well hey Mr "you're not getting MY picture", the joke's on you this time ...

If I look really, really hard, I can't almost make out your face. :-)

... and even though it's all motion blurry and everything, it's actually still kind of an interesting picture. lol, and since I honestly didn't have anything better to use for my picture of the day; behold, I hereby proclaim this my 19 Feb 2010 masterpiece!

It's all good though, it's less than two months until I get home, where I'll have at least two little girls who really, really like to have their pictures taken:

Jaiden counting to 10 (with an assist from Jasmine).
Courtesty of: The Baby Jaiden Blog

And on that note, I'm off to do homework and try to get some sleep.

Happy Friday!


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