At Least I Got A Ripe Tomato


We have a pretty nice sandwich line at the dining hall. There are 4 or 5 different kinds of bread, various meats and cheeses, and of course egg and tuna salad. Then, just like Subway back home, you get to choose your vegetables. This is were it matters who's working the counter that day. There's one guy who is very meticulous. He'll make sure everything is neatly on the bread, dig through to find the perfect leaf of lettuce, and even make sure all the grill lines stay straight when you get the sandwich toasted.

But then, there's another guy who really doesn't seem terribly happy to be there. We actually came up with a nick-name for him. We call him "Green Tomato Guy" ... because unlike Mr. meticulous, this dude just grabs whatever happens to be on top of the pile (even if it's totally green) and plops it on your sandwich.

So this afternoon, when I went through the line to get an egg salad sandwich to bring home for dinner, I was none too thrilled to see that Green Tomato Guy would be preparing my feast. But every once in a while, the stars just happen to line up, and we get lucky ...

I got a nice red, juicy, ripe piece of tomato on my sandwich. Life is good!

Speaking of food, I've notice that there a couple of things I eat on a regular basis over here, that I didn't eat much of before; and probably won't eat much of again once I go back home. Egg salad sandwiches are one of those things. It kind of reminds me of being a kid. I used to love egg salad sandwiches. But now that I'm a grown up (and lazy) adult male, most of the time I just can't be bothered to take the time to actually make egg salad.

Same thing with Cole Slaw. I probably eat cole slaw 4 or 5 days a week ... it's really good. But back home, I think the only time I would have cole slaw is if I happen to pick up one of those little tubs at the grocery store.

And last but not least, almost every day here, they put fresh cut pineapple out on the fruit/salad line. I usually have some at breakfast. I remember thinking to myself several times, that I have never eaten so much fresh pineapple in my life ... even when I live in Hawaii. Not that I'm complaining or anything. ;-)

lol, ok I apologize for torturing you with stories of my eating habits, but it was a fairly uninspired picture taking day ... and there's a pretty narrow range of article topics available when the picture the post is supposed to be based on, is of an egg salad sandwich. I have no idea how I rambled on for 480 words.

Don't unsubscribe just yet though ... I'll try to do better tomorrow :-D



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