Art Is In The Eye Of The Beholder


You know what's cool about being a "photographer" ... as opposed to just "some guy with a camera" ?

I can post up a picture like the one above; tell you that it's "Art" (who's deep meaning, I'll leave to you to interpret); and you might just have to believe me. ;-)

Todd, the "guy with a camera" probably could have just taken the easy way out and gone with the helicopter picture for his project365 today:

But every once in a while, it's more fun to step outside the box, shake things up a bit, and try to make people think (darn, wish I knew a few more cliches) :-D

So, did I make the right decision?

Is "funky cool colors" more interesting than "boring old helicopter"?

Either way, it's too late now, I'm about to hit the publish button on this post.

I hope you enjoy my "art" (whichever one you chose).


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