Almoradi, Vega Baja

Almoradi is located in the south-east of Spain and the province of Alicante. It is about 20 minutes drive from the coastal towns of Guardamar and is slightly further away from the city of Torrevieja. If you're thinking of coming to this part of Spain, you should visit Almoradi. One of the best times to visit Almoradi is during the summer, or more particularly towards the end of July when the festival is in full swing.

There is a local legend that Almoradi has been around as a town since 1196 BC. The Romans passed through here, as did the Greeks and the Carthaginians. He was also occupied by the Visigoths and the Muslims. Any architecture that was here previous to 1829 was destroyed in that year because of the earthquake that hit the area. 192 people were killed and many people were injured. The town was recreated, and the planners took advantage of the levelling that the earthquake caused by totally restructuring the whole town to build on the street so that they are long and straight and also very wide.

photo by Rosemary on Flickr

Almoradi is a great place to just wonder around whilst taking in the Spanish sunshine and the goings-on of the local population. The square is not only the centre of Almoradi but is also the centre of the Saturday morning market. This is where has a beauty all of its own. You can sit here for hours on end just watching the world go by. Or, you can stroll around the many local parks, or around the shops, taking in a local Spanish restaurant for the cup of coffee or a small beer. If you're looking for something more adventurous to do, there is plenty at the local beaches which are only a 20 minute drive away. Or, you can head up north to the city of Benidorm where you can party on and on. Torrevieja, on the other hand is to the south of Almoradi and offers the tourist a lot in the way of holiday atmosphere, beaches, restaurants, bars.

The best way to get to Almoradi is via the motorway which is about five minutes from central Almoradi. If you are coming here from abroad, you can fly into one of the airports. There are two main airports in this area; the first one is to the north at Elche. This is known as Alicante airport. The second airport is to the south outside of Murcia and is known as San Javier airport. The main roads here are excellent although you may have to pay a toll every so often, and if you drive on the side roads, although they can be a bit hairy sometimes, they will offer you the chance to see something new around every corner.


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