A Pile Of Sand On My Front Porch


I remember when I deployed in 2007, my mom (as moms are wont to be) was all upset that I was going "off to war". I explained to her at the time that in all likelihood, I would probably be relatively safer during my time in Iraq than I would at home ... simply because I wouldn't have to drive back and forth to work every day (on Kunia Road).

That prediction proved to be very true in 2007, and is basically the same here this time (although I do drive more here at Ali AB than I did in 2007 at Tal Afar). I don't go off post, and I don't do a whole lot of flying in helicopters. For the most part, my "view" of the war isn't a whole lot different from here than it was back home in my living room in Texas.

That being said, I don't have a big wall of sandbags right outside my front door back at Fort Hood.

... it does make me think every once in a while.


p.s. with about a month and a half to go, I think I'm just ready to be home already. :-)


  1. Interesting way of looking at it. I'm not entirely sure driving to work each day is safer than being in a war zone though!
    .-= DJ Sets´s last blog ..Garburn Pass =-.

  2. Hi DJ,

    Yes, that was kind of my point ... it's probably safer to be over here on the base, than to drive on the roads back home every day :-)


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