Watching Avatar On DVD In Iraq


Actually, we'll probably watch Avatar tomorrow. This evening, we watched a movie called Zombie Land. (very quick review: A "self aware" zombie movie. We laughed our asses off ... which I think was the intention). Anyhow, we get our movies from the local bazaar (most posts have a few local merchants who are allowed to set up shop), for anywhere from $2-$4 each. I feel slightly guilty, for not waiting til I get home to pay full price for the "real thing" ... but only a little bit ... it's not like we have other options to see some of these flicks.

Now don't get me wrong, especially with something like Avatar, the experience of watching a dubbed version on a little tiny TV is almost not worth the effort. But I guess that's only fair. (hopefully it will still be in at least some of the cheapy theaters when we get home in the spring)

On that note, that's about all I've got. I apologize for the short post, but one of the after effects of poker night is that I'm usually pretty tired the next day. Tonight, I'm ready to just read a little bit of my book, and hopefully go to sleep at decent hour.

For those of you back in the world ... TGIF ... don't have too much fun if you go out tonight.


p.s. when I say "we" get our movies from the bazaar, actually that doesn't include "me". I haven't bought any this time. But I will admit to watching a few. ;-)


  1. I think Hollywood should send our overseas troops early DVDs - so they don't have to buy bootleg - to show US support for our men and women overseas, and to keep copyright infringers from profiting from their wicked ways. Seriously.
    .-= Holly Jahangiri´s last blog ..How to Save Your Own Life =-.

  2. Hi Holly,

    I agree. If we had movies theaters over here showing "first run" (or heck even "new release" dvds) I bet it would be packed on most nights. As I said, I do feel a little guilty watching the copies. But rationalizing ... because we don't have an option to see it in theaters; unlike people in the states who download movies from the Internet; we're not really taking away business from the studios. And as far as the bootleggers go ... again, I would hold much more contempt for the online pirates ... most of these guys with dvd shops over here are not even close to being "rich". All that being said, when I get home, I will definitely make an effort to either see in theaters (if I can), or rent the "real" version of as many of these movies as possible.

  3. Avatar has one of the nicest graphics I have ever seen. James Cameroon and hiswild imaginations blew me away. Watching the movie was like stepping into a realm of "glow in the dark". Thumbs up to the graphics!

    It's a long movie though, isn't it? LOL...!
    .-= SHZ´s last blog ..You want confidence? You can have it! =-.


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