Ten Feet Tall And Bullet Proof


I remember when I was younger, that's exactly how me and all my friends felt about ourselves ... "ten feet tall, and bullet proof".

Now that I'm older (and supposedly wiser), all it takes is my daily trip to the gym to prove to myself that that saying no longer applies ... as if it ever did. I'm still trying to decide whether it's a good or bad thing, that the more years we have behind us, the more we become aware of the fact that we're not invincible.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way that we could always be brave enough to feel "bullet proof", but at the same time, be wise enough to realize that there are times when even the indestructible need to "duck for cover"?

Ok, enough of my rambling ... that's about as profound as I can get when talking about a picture of my own shadow :-)

"see" you tomorrow.



  1. Gee, I don't know Todd, seems like you're asking a bit much mate. Always brave enough to be bullet proof but wise enough to know when to duck. Do they even go together? Reckon you may as well ask to be bullet proof and then you won't have to duck ;)
    .-= Sire´s last blog ..Dragons Creatures Of Mystery =-.

  2. Your entry reminds me of the movie "Bullet Proof Monk"...LOL! I guess as we grow older, we mature mentally and that keeps us aware that no matter how strong we are, especially on the inside, there are moments when we can break and tear.

    To me, it's good to know that we are not invincible. That way, we will always keep an eye out and not make the wrong step. Perhaps "knowing when to duck for cover" and "I'm strong enough to endure that" would be a good combo in this life. We should be that brave to face challenges but at the same time we must be that wise to know our limits. In the mean time, never tire when it comes to improving our weaknesses.

    Those are merely my opinions... Cheers!
    .-= SHZ´s last blog ..People Don't Know People Unless They Want To =-.

  3. "...to be bullet proof again with wisdom of course". I love those words of yours. They speak a very strong message in a beautiful manner.
    .-= SHZ´s last blog ..People Don't Know People Unless They Want To =-.

  4. lol, leave it to Sire to come here and state the obvious, thus exposing my "profound" statement as more of a "head scratcher" :-D

  5. And then on the flip side, we've got SHZ the writer to help explain and expound upon what I really meant :-D

  6. Put us both together and what do you get? A bullet proof comment ;)
    .-= Sire´s last blog ..Beware Scraped Comments And Fake Trackbacks =-.


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