Taking An Online College Class


After 20 years in the Air Force, I am finally getting around to using my tuition assistance. I've been talking about taking an online class for quite a while now, but as with many other "important" things, I always found some excuse or another not to do it. Well, as of the 4th of January that's all changed. I'm now a Student again!

This first class is called "Introduction to Online Learning" ... it's a requirement, to make sure that I can handle online course work. :-)

The book is kind of interesting, and is actually something that I might have picked up anyway, were I to come across it while browsing at Borders or Books-a-million. I'm a sucker for books about personal growth, and learning techniques. The first chapter, which I just got done doing the assignment for, is actually right up my alley too ... it's about finding your motivation (as it relates to learning).

I got to take a quiz about my motivational style. There were ten questions, and I had to choose one of three answers for each question. Then at the end, I added up how many circles I had in each column. The "winner" was pretty clear cut.

My primary motivation style is Learning-Motivated.

My secondary style is Relationship-Motivated.

And the third style, Goal-Motivated ... apparently, not so much.

Just an example of one of the questions:

In terms of completing things ...
a) I finish what I start.
b) I like to enlist the help of other people.
c) I believe that life is a journey, not a destination.

Ok, those who know me, which one do you think I chose?


p.s. The picture of the day, above, is my desk here in Iraq. That's the book I'm reading for the class. My MacBook Pro in the back ground. And of course a "Rip It" to provide the caffeine so I can stay awake while I read :-)

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