Taking An Online College Class


After 20 years in the Air Force, I am finally getting around to using my tuition assistance. I've been talking about taking an online class for quite a while now, but as with many other "important" things, I always found some excuse or another not to do it. Well, as of the 4th of January that's all changed. I'm now a Student again!

This first class is called "Introduction to Online Learning" ... it's a requirement, to make sure that I can handle online course work. :-)

The book is kind of interesting, and is actually something that I might have picked up anyway, were I to come across it while browsing at Borders or Books-a-million. I'm a sucker for books about personal growth, and learning techniques. The first chapter, which I just got done doing the assignment for, is actually right up my alley too ... it's about finding your motivation (as it relates to learning).

I got to take a quiz about my motivational style. There were ten questions, and I had to choose one of three answers for each question. Then at the end, I added up how many circles I had in each column. The "winner" was pretty clear cut.

My primary motivation style is Learning-Motivated.

My secondary style is Relationship-Motivated.

And the third style, Goal-Motivated ... apparently, not so much.

Just an example of one of the questions:

In terms of completing things ...
a) I finish what I start.
b) I like to enlist the help of other people.
c) I believe that life is a journey, not a destination.

Ok, those who know me, which one do you think I chose?


p.s. The picture of the day, above, is my desk here in Iraq. That's the book I'm reading for the class. My MacBook Pro in the back ground. And of course a "Rip It" to provide the caffeine so I can stay awake while I read :-)


  1. Macbook pro! *drool* That's what I'm saving up for!

    Sorry don't know you well enough yet to know. I guess C?

    Have fun with your course! :)

  2. Being a student is fun! I'm approaching the end of my student life and that pretty much sucks. I'm going to miss my uni buddies lots, especially my close friends. Darn...

    Anyways... with regards to your question at the end of the post, I'm going to opt for a) or c)... hmmm.... perhaps c) I believe life is a journey, not a destination?

    Good luck being a student and have a great day!
    .-= SHZ´s last blog ..People Don't Know People Unless They Want To =-.

  3. Hi Ari,

    Good guess ... I'm all about "C" :-)

    As for the MacBook Pro, I have my wife to thank for that. Last time I was deployed, she bought it because she thought it was "pretty".

  4. Hi Shz,

    Yes, it's good that you are enjoying your time as a student. I've had a great time in the military, but in some ways I do wish I would have just continued with school when I was younger.

    And yes, answer C was "correct"

  5. Todd, from an audience perspective, I really like how
    this 365 project it turning out.

    Kind of a zen moment every day, of things we usually
    overlook. Super.

    It's sure to bring back lots of vivid memories of your
    time there, when you look back on all the pics after
    a year.

  6. Hi JL,

    Yes, that's kind of my plan. In the back of my head, I can even imagine taking all 365 images at the end of the year, and ordering one of those little "flip books" for the coffee table ... lol, that the only reason I can come up with for why I'm saving "high-resolution" versions of all my pictures.

    It should actually be an interesting year too.

    In addition to my time here in Iraq, I'll be having another new daughter shortly after I get back home (Due date is May 7th).

    Thanks for the feedback too ... I'm glad to hear that at least for the 1st week, it's working "from an audience perspective". I figured a short post and picture every day, would probably be more interesting overall than my previous pattern of posting maybe once every week or week an a half. At this rate, by the 12th, I'll set a new monthly post record for this blog. :-D

  7. Now Todd hope you can handle all the techie stuff like having to submit assignments online - its OK - we're here to help! Pity about the computer - maybe next time you will get a real PC one!
    .-= Lis Sowerbutts´s last blog ..Passive Income Online: Best Posts of 2009 =-.

  8. Hey Lissie,

    Hmm ... I think I can find that upload button. Now whether the work I've done is worth uploading may be the question of the day.

    As for "real PCs". Sorry, I love my Mac. That being said, I may pick up one of those little netbooks at some point; for short trips. However, that might not be Windows either. Looking to get one with Linux, or even Chrome OS when it launches.


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