My Ipod Makes Me Feel Old

green ipod

Should the realization that probably 95% of the songs currently on my ipod were recorded before the ipod was even invented make me feel old?

Ana used to make fun of me when I was at home, because I bought an ipod, but very rarely listened to it. Well since I've been here, I'm making up for it. I listen to music every day while I'm at the gym for our daily workout. Two things recently occurred to me ...

  1. I need more music, some of these songs are starting to repeat pretty often. Unfortunately, with my slow internet speed, it's probably not gonna happen until I get home in the spring.

  2. Most of the songs on my ipod are from the 70s or 80s. Not really surprising, since that's when I was a teenager, and thus most interested in music.

Just to give you an idea of what I'm taking about, today while I was on the elliptical machine, the shuffle feature gave me a nice 3 song in a row stretch ...

  • Paradise by the Dashboard Lights - Meatloaf (recorded in 1977)

  • Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen (recorded 1975)

  • Footloose - Kenny Loggins (recorded 1984)

All great songs ... but all, depressingly, could definitely be classed as "oldies".

Oh well, I like what I like. I do kind of wonder though, when my son Justin is my age, will he still be listening to rap? ;-)



  1. Todd, what you should do if you have some of your favorite songs on a CD, is to save it as an MP3 file and then copy it to the ipod.

    As to the old songs, I much prefer them over some of the stuff that comes out today. Not to say I don't enjoy some of the new songs, just that some of them don't appeal to me.
    .-= Sire´s last blog ..The Honest Truth About The SFI Affiliate =-.

  2. Todd, I would be happy to have an iPod that would be much cooler than my Rio player that is sooooo un-hip. I do have more updated music on my player than you have to delete the Kenny Logins.

    Just don't go delete crazy. My teenager & her friends are into groups like Nirvana (they think it's new). LOL!

    None of my daughters friends listen to Rap or ever have. A few did listen to ScreamO, I think that music caused them nervous breakdowns & they are now recovering & listening to normal stuff.

    Keep all your old music & clothes because they are coming back around. ;0
    .-= Sheryl Loch´s last blog ..Profile Linkers Piss Me Off =-.

  3. Okay first of all, really nice crisp shot! I love the tangled wires here. :)

    I have some "old" songs on my ipod. Was listening to Earth, Wind and Fire the other day. :)

  4. haha, at least you HAVE an iPod. I don't have an iPod and really don't see the need for one at this point. I listen to music every day, all day, either at work or home or in my car. Sometimes it's just nice to have complete quiet. When I'm my elliptical, I'm either reading a book or watching the news on t.v.

    70's and 80's music is my favorite since that's when I was a teenager. I always had a wide range of music taste, from classic rock to R&B to hard rock to pop. Anything but the Rap crap kids listen to these days. Oh, and Classical too, ick.

    I grew up with Motown blasting on the radio or "record player" - remember those? Ahh the good ol days. ;)
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  5. Todd, you are listening to great music! I'm old too, sigh, but I think that music we were exposed to was just better back then, less corporate. Some great music is being made today, but we really have to look to find it.

    Listen to what you WANT to listen to. If you want to find some new stuff to fill your iPod, check out You enter the name of a song, or artist, and they play music that others who like that song or artist recommend. Then you can d/l the music from iTunes (or whatever you use), or buy the used CD's and rip them. (I think I'm telling you this because I'm in virtually the same position, and I need to do this, I think.)

    I like the occasional dose of rap myself, but in general I'm done with it, and ready for our youth to get into music not based around prison culture. You know, like Alice Cooper ripping the head off a bat, or devil music or something wholesome like that.
    .-= Heather Kephart´s last blog ..Reality check, please! =-.

  6. Oops, forgot to mention how much I like your new theme. Snazzy!
    .-= Heather Kephart´s last blog ..Reality check, please! =-.

  7. I feel your pain. I have 5,000 songs on iTunes and I expect that two thirds of them fit the "I am old criteria."

  8. Hi Sire,

    Unfortunately I don't have any music with me, except what's on my ipod. And the prospect of downloading anything new, is not likely either. My Internet here is also a "flashback" to about 1998 ... 56K baby!

  9. Hi Sheryl,

    I honestly don't know much about Kenny Loggin's other songs, but I do know that as a child of the 80s he has two that I'll always recognize ... the already mentioned Footloose ... and Danger Zone from Top Gun.

    As for teenagers, yes I do know that the old stuff comes around. Justin had few Beastie Boys songs on his ipod, and was shocked, shocked, shocked that I knew who they were. Unfortunately, he does also have plenty of music by people that I have never heard of ... and that he can't listen to without headphones, because it would be way inappropriate for his younger sisters to hear. Actually, not great for him either ... but 17 year old are going to do what they're gonna do ... parents have to pick their battles, and a few F bombs in some rap songs is not something I'm wanting to go to war over.

    lol, oh no, don't even get me started on the clothes. :-D

  10. Hi Ari,

    Thanks for the props on the shot. And I'm glad to hear that even young and hip people such as yourself still occasionally listen to "old" music. ;-)

  11. Hi Lin,

    That was kind of Ana's point actually ... I might HAVE and Ipod, but I probably don't NEED an Ipod ... especially when I'm at home. Heck, even in my car, I'm just as likely to be listening to talk radio, as music.

    Oh yes, I do remember the record player. CDs were just starting to become popular when I was listening to music a lot ... but I definitely recall buying a few albums too.

    ... and yes, I like just about any kind of music. But now-a-days, if I had to choose, I would most likely be listening to either country, or 80s soft rock ... REO Speedwagon was always my favorite ... 12 years old at the skating rink holding a girl's hand during the "midnight" last skate ... those memories stick.

  12. Hi Heather,

    Oh yea, the stuff we listened to as kids was totally wholesome ... and our parents totally understood why we liked it :-D

    As for Rap, I can listen to some of it. When my wife, or Justin is in control of the car radio dial it's gonna be on top 40/dance/hip-hop. I tend to lean more towards the "funny" stuff though ... Eminem cracks me up ... and even in the 80's Tone Loc was my favorite "rapper" ... sing it ... Funky Cold Medina (I apologize in advance if the catch phrase from that song is now stuck in your head for the rest of the day) ;-)

  13. lol ... thank you ... I was feeling in a bit of a "dark" mood. But I'm always a little leary when people leave comments about liking my theme ... because if someone reads that comment 4-5 months from now, chances are good that your compliment might be referring to a totally different design ... man I need to quit changing themes so often.

  14. Hi Jack,

    I think that sounds like a wise investment. If you're gonna buy $5K worth of songs might as well make sure that a healthy percentage have already "stood the test of time". ;-)

  15. Man, that's a real bummer. I feel for ya mate. How long before you get back? Gee, I'm surprised you didn't put more on there before you left.
    .-= Sire´s last blog ..The Difference Between Flexibility And FlexSqueeze =-.

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