Mauritius – The Most Beautiful Island In The World

If you are looking to plan an island getaway, but want to go somewhere more special than your typical island experience, plan to visit Mauritius. It is one of the best tropical islands in the world, known for its vastly beautiful landscapes and friendly and accommodating people.

When looking at information on Mauritius, most of it is geared towards the beauty of the island. Mauritius is actually made up of a group of 20 islands, but the main island is the largest and most populated. Mauritius is sheltered by barriers of coral reefs, forming natural, crystal clear lagoons.

Mauritius has miles and miles of white beaches that look over the aquamarine waters. The beaches are great for sun bathing, surfing, sailing, and windsurfing. There are also some great adventures you can take while on the island. Try mountain climbing, or hike through the forests. Visit some of the beautiful waterfalls, or take in the sites of the giant Victoria Amazonica water lilies at the SSR Botanical Gardens.

Mauritius Sunset

A great way to see all of the vast marine life around Maritius’ coast is to take a submarine ride on the Blue Safari. You will also see some ship wrecks dating back to the 17th century. If you are a diver, there are also great diving sites and you also have the option of night diving.

The island is loaded with historical sites, geographic variation, and limitless activities if you want to get away from the beach for a bit. Also, take a trip to Mauritius’ mountainous island Rodrigues. It is little known and has private beautiful beaches, and the country’s best diving sites.

If you are after some nightlife, visit Grand Baie. It is the island’s party town and has great restaurants and shopping.

Whatever you are after, you will find it in Mauritius - a little taste of paradise.


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