I Need To Vent


Even though I've got about 2 months left, I think tonight was my last poker game at Ali AB. I just took two "bad beats" in a row to get knocked out of the championship qualifier round ... again. I actually have a decent record in the regular poker games. I've won about once a month since I've been here. But every month, they also have a "champions tournament" for everyone who's placed 5th or better in any of the regular tournaments. They have two qualifying rounds, with about 20 people playing each night, with the top 4 going on to the finals, to play for a $325 1st place prize. I haven't made it to that final table yet. Tonight was looking like my best shot ...

I was playing pretty decent, but not great. We were down to 6 people, with 4 qualifying for the next round. Due to the blind structure, almost everybody at the table was "short stacked" (had less than 10x the big blind) with the blinds at 1000/2000. My chip count put me either 3rd or 4th ...

The first hand I lost, was for about half my stack. I bet with top pair (10s) and get raised 5K more by middle pair (9s), make the call for all the other guy's chips; he should be gone ... until he hits another 9 on the river. Ok, stuff happens, I still have 8k chips. Until 2 hands later ...

I get dealt Ace Jack suited, and push in my 8K. Dealer calls with Ace Ten. Everyone else folds. Flop comes AA8. Turn 3. River ... you guessed it, a 10. I was out. Two bad beats in 3 hands.

I don't think I'll be going back. Lately the pool tournaments always seem to be on the same nights as poker. And when I play pool, I win about once every 3 or 4 times I enter. And even better, it only takes about 45 minutes ... much less frustrating than playing cards for 3 or 4 hours, and not winning.

Ok ... rant over ... and in the scheme of things, it's not really anything I'm terribly upset about. But, it was a good excuse to write my blog post for the day :-)


p.s. I apologize to any non poker players reading this, but I figure with ESPN showing it 23 hours a day, a fairly good percentage of people will have at least some idea what I'm talking about.

p.p.s. The picture was taken hand-held, at night (you should be impressed), and it actually is a picture of a vent on the back of a building.


  1. Sounds like the time I was royally kicking my girlfriends ass in Monopoly. She only had Park Place and Boardwalk (with hotels) un-mortgaged. I was quickly building up every property I had and was raking in the cash. She is one land away from being out of the game completely. I roll a set of doubles and land right one Park Place. I promptly pay cash without batting an eye. Only then to roll snake eyes and land right on Broadway with another hotel. Damn! Almost 4k in Monopoly money gone in one sec on a for sure win with her only having 2 properties. Clearly I am still bitter. We take Monopoly very seriously. No funny stuff, only rules in the rule book. Ha. I think we can all relate to the feeling of a bad beat.
    .-= The Real Josh´s last blog ..How do I know where to target my efforts online? =-.

  2. Hi Josh,

    lol, considering there is no entry fee for the poker here, and we are playing for "gift cards" I think monopoly is a perfect analogy for my level of disappointment at running into a streak of bad luck at just the wrong time.

    ... although, in your case, sometimes it's better if your girlfriend beats you at a game. Women with "bitter" memories are usually not a good combination. ;-)

  3. Sorry about the poker.

    I can't believe you took that pic.
    It looks like a profi (professional)
    studio photograph.

  4. It's all good ... was just something to do :-) And thanks for the compliment ... I was kind of happy with that picture ... especially considering it was a "last minute" choice of subject. ;-)


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